Jewelry Maven

Jewelry Maven

The app that helps jewelry designers and wearers coordinate jewelry styles and clothing combinations

Winner of Best Design Award at
Startup Weekend Atlanta

Now available on Firefox OS!


20+ Necklace Styles

Browse, see, and learn over 20 different necklace styles

10+ Neckline Styles

Browse, see, and learn over 10 different neckline styles


Add items to your virtual wardrobe


Combine any necklace with any neckline to evaluate the results; Hundreds of combinations! Combine items in your workdrobe to find the best combinations of items you own.


Get ratings on which style combinations work and which don't


App will be available for iOS, Android, Firefox OS, and Chrome OS

Coming Soon...

Other features coming soon include photos (see which necklace styles work with your favorite shirt or neckline) and sharing (share your favorite combinations with your friends)


Jewelry Maven is made by the creative superduo of
Darren Nelsen (Developer) and Margie Deeb (Designer)

Displaying our prototype at Startup Weekend Atlanta 2013